Bedford Breakdown Truck by Matchbox

Being a little boy at heart I have always loved model cars. I collected mainly Dinky Toys as a boy while my brother being a little younger preferred Corgi's (with hindsight I can see advantages as they had to be better to get into the marketplace).

Snoopy Aeroplane
As little boys do we raced them, with inevitable crashes and paint chipping, or repainted lots of our models to suit our individual desires at the time, hence the reason that pristine models are so collectable today.
Aeroplanes suffered much more as they had to fly to the disaster area (jets were ok , props always got broken). One aeroplane could take out a lot of enemy troops (c'mon think back to your childhood days, may even have been cowboys and indians but that didn't matter,did it?).
Anyway, I digress , I had several Dinky toys in pristine boxed condition but my mother allowed my nephews and neices to play with them so that knackered them. Formula One Racer
I had almost lost interest in model cars until my son asked me to dispose of his old toys and I realised that early Matchbox models were quaint. By modern standards they are very crude but they have a charm of their own that is irreplaceble by modern technology.
So instead of getting rid of them I started to collect more, the problem being where to stop. The 1-75 Regular Wheels Series is the obvious one but I really liked some of the 1970's Superfast range,particularly the Hot Rod and Dragster's. AC Aceca

Through my renewed interest in model cars I discovered brands like Brooklin, Brumm and Solido that specialise in detail and Matchbox Dinky who get close. Hongwell make fantasic 1:72 models that put many larger scales to shame. Matchbox Specials and Turbo Specials that I find interesting.
I also rediscovered brands like Lone Star(who's products I used as a youth),Husky, Majorette,Mattel and others newly discovered.

toy soldiers

Model soldiers were often diecast being manufactured by companies like Britains, well known for farming implements, Crescent etc. Most diecast soldiers are now made specifically for collectors.
I also have an interest in model railways, principally old Hornby Dublo or Wrenn. Most of the current models are plastic and much better detailed but somehow lack the satisfaction of handling the heavier metal diecast models. I will try to add a few of these at a later date.

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