This section is dedicated to Matchbox models and is the reason I started this project in the first place. Since I began this I find there are now quite a lot more websites with good information out there.
This by no means a complete listing and as time goes by I discover more models I hadn't heard about. However the categories I have covered have fairly comprehensive search facilities which should make finding information easier.

The ones I have covered so far are :-

The 1-75 Range at present has listings from 1953 to 2005 and illustrations are from my owncollection, which is far from complete, not all are in the best condition but will at least convey what the model should look like.
In some instances where I am not sure of the number in the range it is numbered 99a.

The Kingsize Range or Superkings at present has listings for models I am aware of and illustrations are mostly ones I have found on the internet.
I have several Kingsize of my own but mostly not catalogued yet.

The Specials Range, similar in size to Kingsize, at present has listings for models I am aware of and illustrations are mostly from my own collection.

The Dinky Range, again similar in size to Kingsize being mainly 1:43 scale, has a comprehensive listing and illustrations are partly from my own collection.

The Other Ranges, briefly touches on some of the other model ranges Matchbox have released over the years.

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