Matchbox Collectibles

Yes! it is spelt with an i and not as collectable. Normally based on castings from the Dinky or MOY ranges these are generally more detailed, short run versions aimed specifically at collectors.

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

Derived from the Lesney Models of Yesteryear range.

Matchbox Glo Racers

In the early 80's a few models were released that glowed in the dark. Ones I have tracked down so far are :-
(1) Streak Ray - Chevrolet Corvette. body in white, yellow and black with VETTE and No. 3.
(2) Speed Blazer - BMW. body in white, red and yellow with BMW TEAM USA and No. 68.
(3) Quicksilver - Triumph TR8. body in white, red and black with TR8 and No. 7.
(4) Fire Bird - Pontiac Firebird. body in white, red and black with FIRE BIRD and Motif on Bonnet.
(5) Turbo Flash - Porsche 928. body in white, red and yellow with TURBO on Bonnet and No. 99.
The models are marked LESNEY PRODUCTS USA on the base and came in a special glow in the dark carrier/launcher.
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Matchbox Accessory Packs

These were made from 1956 to the early 1970s and were accessories for the models range.
No.A-1aEsso Garage Pumps and Sign 1960
No.A1-b BP Garage Pumps and Sign 1963
No.A-1c Service Ramp.

No.A2-a Car Transporter
A2-b Auto sales.

No.A3a Garage, yellow, green, brown.
No. A3-b Brroomstick. This was a car that was controlled remotely by a stick.
No.A4 Set of 7 Roadsigns.
No.A5 Home Stores
No.R2 London Printed Card Roadway

Roman Numbers

Around 1978 Lesney Matchbox released a set of ten models for the USA market, they were numbered from I to X on the bases and so are known as the Roman Numeral series. When first released they were usually sold packed in blister packs.
(1) I Silver Streak. (Mod Rod) silver body with red and black design.
(2) II Sleet-N-Snow (Jeep) with blue body and U.S. Mail tampo print.
(3) III White Lightening. (Pi-Eyed Piper) white body with stripes,star and POW.
(4) IV Flying Bug. (Flying Bug) orange body and white number on bonnet.
(6) VI Lady Bug. (Volks-Dragon) with black body and flames tampo.
(8) VIII Black Widow. (Siva Spider) blue body with spider web on bonnet.
(9) IX Flamin Manta. (Hairy Hustler) yellow body with flames.
(10) X Golden X. (Datsun 126X) with gold plated body and green tampo print.
There are variations on these, I have a No II Sleet-N-Snow (Jeep)in military olive and a Brown Sugar (Big Banger) in brown.
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Models for Sale

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Grit Spreading Truck

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Tyrone Malone (Kenworth)

Model image
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

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De Tomaso Pantera

Model image
Red car(Ferrari)

Model image
Pontiac Fiero
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