Matchbox Specials Range of Models

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SP1-Kremer Porsche CK5,
SP3-Ferrari 512BB,
SP5-Lancia Rallye,
SP8-Zakspeed Ford Mustang,
SP10-Chevy Pro Stocker,
SP12-Chevrolet Camaro,
SP14-Porsche 959,
SP9b-Jaguar XJ220,
SP11b-Ford Thunderbird,
SP12b-Chevrolet Lumina,
SP??-Ferrari F40,
Turbo Specials
TS1-Chevrolet Camaro,
TS2-Kremer Porsche CK5,
TS4-Chevy Pro Stocker,
TS5-Zakspeed Ford Mustang,

Matchbox Specials

I discovered this range when I recieved a couple in a job lot of models I bought. So far I have found it difficult to source accurate information on the range but the following is what I have pieced together so far. Images are mostly of my own models but a few are ones I have found on the internet and included to show the colour scheme.

The earliest Specials have casting dates of 1983 and Turbo Specials of 1984 although some Specials may not have been introduced until 1984. Numbering is confusing as there are no numbers on the bases. One source has them numbered as SP-01/02-A etc. similar to the super GT range. Other sources merely state SP1, SP2 etc. I have used the SP and TS type here although they may not all be correct. The Turbo Specials seem to use different numbers which makes numbering more difficult.

If anyone has more information on this or release dates of various liveries I would be very pleased to hear from them.

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